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Lie Detector For Voters

America will have a President Elect come Christmas Day 2016, after American voters told the world who they want to move into the White House.

We don’t know how long the honeymoon is going to last but thanks to technology, voters can no longer deny having voted for the new president when things go sour.
The vote is a secret, so we don’t know who will put the new president in the White House, but voters should be accountable.They usually hide behind bushes like speed cops when presidents start going off the track or send U.S. troops to some country to enforce democracy.
Democracy my foot! That is a big laugh bearing in mind that both Clinton and Trump are products of privilege and class.Anyway, this new technology will be a microchip that will automatically enter voters’ brains as soon as they enter the voting booth.Only people who voted will inherit this little baby.
No, voters don’t have to know about it, otherwise they might sue the government or the genius that has invented this account…

I.D. Photos

I.D. photos are counterproductive because they do not identify the person holding the passport, driver’s licence, student card, access card for the building where you work, or provincial I.D. card.
Why not?Because we are not allowed to smile when we stand against the wall and those one dimensional things they call cameras go, click.
That is why airport officials or bank tellers look at us, back to the photo, and us again.I don’t blame them.
Last year, a government official literally said ‘no smiling’ when I posed for the provincial I.D. photo.He said, it affects the photo’s result.
You bet.I.D. photos give the wrong impression that they are mug shots taken at the state pen (prison).Come to think of it, I.D. photos should be called misidentification, period.
We should also take off our hats. Now please!Do you know what is under those hats in countries with five solid months of bitter cold?
I don’t mean to mess up your day but just spread your pieces of I.D. on the table.Which ones look like …