Wallets Credit Card Politics

Banks think they are slick.  They offer all kinds of tempting credit cards around November, in anticipation for December, the ultimate spending month.

In its 2015 online ads, a credit card famous for its 'status fee’ is even waiving it for the first year.  Status fee?  No! No!  It’s got nothing to do with the unpaid balance.  The status fee is for the pleasure of carrying such an elite credit card.

Seriously though. For once, I’ll do the unthinkable, defend banks.  They are not the only culprit.  There’s a good reason why people have more than ten credit cards. Their wallets.  You got it. 

These spaces are for credit cards not coffee cards. LOL.
The average wallet for both men and women has more than 20 spaces for credit cards.  Well!  People can use them for their social insurance cards, gym or coffee cards, but that’s it.
Manufacturers of these wallets made those spaces for credit cards, period.  Try and squeeze in business cards.  It won’t work. You have to bend them on the sides to fit in these wallet windows.
People who make wallets capitalize on the ego.  Our wallets must appear to be obese, to give the impression that we’re alright. 
The person behind you at the drugstore checkout will freak out when he sees you taking out money from a starving wallet: only one credit card and all nine credit card spaces are empty.  He might even send a tweet right away to tell the world about it.
It’s all about availability.  If wallets have only one credit card space, we’ll carry one.  I saw that.  You checking out your wallet. 


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