Christmas Wish List

The list for Christmas gifts is ready.  It is things l don’t want. 
  1. No perfume gift box from the drugstore which is open 24 hours.
  2. Santa Claus socks in a gift pack of white, red and blue.
  3. Red and white winter gloves.
  4. Morning slippers from the dollar store.
  5. Washable red roses from the D-store.
  6. Box of chocolates under five dollars. (It’s the thought that matters.) Hell! No!  Price counts.
  7. Set of combs or brushes.
  8. Four plastic glasses.
  9. A key ring from the grocery store.
  10. A set of plastic placemats with reindeers.            
Reason?  Your gift was an afterthought.  You forgot to buy me a present.  It will be nice though to get a coffee mug with NONQABA on it, or a T-shirt with my name. 
Me?  Soliciting for Christmas gifts?  It’s not what you think.   


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