Elections And Political Bullies

Forget democracy.  It should be called political bullying. We are watching it in the prelude to the Canadian election on the 19th of October, 2015.  Americans have also started their political bullying for the looming presidential election next year.
So many trees wasted on books about democracy.  Some countries have big budgets for invading other countries ‘to defend democracy’ but it is seldom practised in campaigning for elections. 
Calling opponents names and printing flyers attacking each other is behaviour that will not be tolerated in kindergarten, but it is all legal, in campaigning.  It is irritating and such a let-down to the whole notion of democracy.  Grown-up men and women behaving like Grade One kids.
It is also misleading because many voters believe it is real hatred.  Don’t let that fool you. 
These politicians play golf together, attend the same dinner parties, eat and drink at the same social events, share jokes and cut deals in parliament.  They belong to the same class whether they are socialists or mega capitalists. 
They are in the same ‘political’ hockey team.  Voters should vote for want they want now and in the future, and not for the biggest bully.


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