Wedding Vows New Script

Wedding vows are outdated. 
To love, honour, and not cheat on your spouse online, should be the new script. 
This hit me when I re-visited my profile.  Google, in its wisdom, has four boxes that I must tick.  I think they are friends, dating, relationship or networking.
Hawu!  Dating and relationship!  How do I date faceless people to the extent that we have a solid relationship?  Remember most of my followers are eggs.  Very shy people, you know.
Yes.  I’m a little bit slow in the head, so I’m not aware that Google is right on the money.  They know that things happen.  Online strangers ‘upgrade’ themselves (to quote Beyonce) to darling, honey, ‘baby’ or ‘boo’ in a flash.  They get married and live happily ever after.
Now, let’s get real.  There is an untold story about people who feel cheated by all these online games. 
ME:  I think I need some space.
HIM:  Why?  I thought we agreed to give this relationship another shot.
ME:  It’s not possible.  I ticked ‘looking for dating and relationship’ in my Google profile.
This is the ideal situation.  Tell it like it is.  At least the poor guy would know that I really want to move on, into the worldwide web (
These Google boxes reminded me of a post in one of my writing platforms.  The woman wanted advice about her internet service.  She said the cable account was in her husband’s name and he changed the password without telling her.
He refused to give her the new one.  How could she fix this problem?  It was funny at the time because I thought it was a private matter that should not have been broadcasted to the whole
I’m not laughing now.  I’m thinking about those two Google boxes.  Did the husband tick ‘looking for dating and relationship’ or he changed the password because he thought she ticked them?
Ce la vie.


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