Let's Talk Summer Camp

I’m offering a 2016 summer camp for patients who do not know how to talk to other people.
We don’t talk to each other anymore because of mobile phones.  Our fingers now do the talking, as a result, many of us have been diagnosed with the alcoholics’ anonymous syndrome.  Press ALT+Delete. 
I mean mobile phone addiction and it is not anonymous because you see it in action at home, work, bus, subway, bank, everywhere.  Grown up boys and girls massaging their phones:

1.       Before an important regional sales meeting.

2.       During a fashion show in Milan.

3.       Waiting for the gates to open for their morning shift.

4.       Waiting for the train.

5.       In restaurants and big tables in particular.

6.       Waiting for partner to finish taking a bath before making love.

7.       Checking your phone after making love.

8.       Taking phone to the toilet for some quality time with people who don’t live with you.

9.       Bride or groom waiting for the priest.

10.   Feeding Junior while texting.

I’m therefore arranging a LET’S TALK summer camp where I will teach you folks how to strike up a conversation.  How to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Whatzzzup?’ or good morning without pressing a mobile device.  The summer camp will teach the speech impediment patients how to talk to their parents, lovers and people at work. 
To kick off the fun, I will show them a door.  I will tell them to bend their fingers and do something that is called knocking.  Knock on the manager’s door if you want to tell him that you don’t like him, rather than sending an e-mail that will get you fired.
Knock on your parents’ door if you want your first car, rather than sending them a text.  They won’t understand it anyway because you use FB and hashtag languages.
Knock on your partner’s arm if you want a special favour, rather than sending her an automated text about play time.
Sign up early for the 2016 LET’S TALK summer camp because spaces are limited.



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