Quit Swearing Will Ya?

Swearing in public is not allowed.  Even Google, Yahoo and Bing do not tolerate it.  Folks that swear online hide behind their dogs’ photos or eggs.  Y’all anonymous.
Have you ever been a tourist somewhere and a local calls you names?  You turned around and said; You, too!
Remember the shock in his face?  Classic!  Serves him right.  You cannot assume that that this person looks Japanese, so he does not know Swahili, or vice versa.  Danger!
You don’t know what I look like, because I am incognito.  I’m online hiding from past and present misdemeanors.
Anyway, careful what you say around me because I might know your language.  For whatever reason, swear words are the first things I pick up, when I come across a new language.
Whatever you do, do not call me names in Hindi, Yoruba and Jamaican.  I have seen too many films, from these language neighbourhoods, so I know stuff.  The Jamaican swear word is even worse.  You do not want to think about its origin. Trust me.
Swear words with African Americans is quite simple, never use the ‘M’ word.  This goes back to their roots.  Saying bad things about ‘M’ on the continent is not on.  It is taboo.  No, make that suicidal because you might see blood, from your skull which was cracked open at the blink of an eye.
How do you do?  It sounds British as in Prince William greeting the new princess, but it is safer than learning them swear words.





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