Egghead Followers and Omelettes

I have so many egg followers, I cannot decide what kind of omelette to make: cheese, ham, spinach, salmon, asparagus, Russian sausage and all related sausages, rice, or just plain scrambled eggs.

I’m contemplating removing my online photo to keep up with the times.  Social networking is dead because I don’t have to follow a real person. 
Egg-working is trending.  This used to bother me so much, I was nearly arrested for staring at folks.
Is that bus driver my recent egg follower?  Maybe it is that pharmacist who ignored me for ten minutes at Shoppers Drug Mart on Marion Road. 

How about the Tim Hortons' cashier on Broadway who showed me with a frown, the line for placing orders, when I was waiting at the paid and pick-up section with four other people? 
Is it that homeless guy who sleeps under the bridge, or the maitre d' of that posh restaurant, part of my egg-nation?  It cannot be the policeman in the police cruiser because I’m one of the people the police calls for back-up when they see them.
Google, Facebook, Twitter et al, is this legal?  The egg following I mean? 
ME:  The people have no photos.
ANSWER:  Let them use eggs.
I’m not Marie Antoinette, a Queen of France in 1789, who was told that the people have no bread.  "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."  All history books translate that into: Let them eat cake. 

People have reasons for using eggs instead of photos.  The husband might not have a no clue that his wife is an egg that takes part in Victoria Secrets’ blogs, and other underwear forums.  Maybe she comes from a culture where women are not allowed to say a word.

Eggheads might be managers of Fortune 500 companies that prohibit Twitter chit-chat.  Worse still, they might be mean people who send rude comments online.
What is unfair is that eggheads like following people with human heads.  The ideal situation would be comparing oranges with oranges.  Let eggs follow other eggs. 

That way, we will have scrambled eggs period, not scrambled eggs pretending to be omelettes.


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