No Questions Asked Restaurants

I’m thinking of investing the few resources I have in the restaurant business.  How few those resources are, is private and confidential.  Period.

I need partners of course, but my terms will be rather difficult to meet because they might be anti-social and violate some constitutional clauses.

Naming ceremony first.  Children born in Africa are super important.  They have elaborate ceremonies to give them names.

The name of the restaurant chain will be: No questions asked.  No answers provided.  Make that No-No for short.  People who enter No-No restaurants will sign the waiver that they will not ask the following questions. 

1.       Can I substitute the French fries (also called chips) for a salad?

2.       Are the anchovies in the Salad Niçoise fished in pollution-free oceans?

3.       Can i have two plates because we will share a meal?

4.       Do you have bottled water from the Swiss Alps?

5.       Can I have the Fettuccine Alfredo without the ham and cream?

6.       Is your chicken grain-fed?

7.       Is your cheesecake gluten-free?

8.       Can you stir-fry the stir-fry without oil?

9.       Do you use the same pan to fry shrimps and pork?

10.   Can I see a real piece of chicken in the chicken risotto?

Restaurants International, the world body to protect the interests of its clients, will justify their stand with one answer.  
 If you want home cooked food, eat at home.


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