Switching Lines At The Bank

Banks should have blinking lights above tellers’ stations to warn us when they are going to have lunch or tea breaks in the next ten minutes.  I use cash machines in malls most of the time but there are certain banking needs that force me to go inside the bank.
This humble advice to bankers international is the result of frustration.  I stopped counting the number of times when tellers placed the sign CLOSED after serving the customer before me.
The lights should be like that financial ticker tape at the Chicago Stock Exchange or Wall Street, which l don’t understand. 
All I know is that somebody somewhere is selling computer software, hardware, roses, pork bellies, apples, platinum and god knows what else.  If it can be bought, it can be traded on the stock market.
The teller’s break ticker tape, will help me switch lines quickly and it should be controlled by the supervisor or team leader (that is what managers are called now). 
Tellers are too busy counting deposits and withdrawals.  We don’t want them to be distracted, otherwise someone will get the wrong change.
Changing Lines
I don’t know what makes me crazier, the teller and the CLOSED sign or leaving a slow line for one that is moving fast, until I get there.
It will be unfair to hold banks and shops responsible for my decision to switch lines.  I usually do that when I think that Cashier 9 seems to be moving faster that Cashier 8.  I also take into consideration customers and their grocery trolleys or baskets. 
If I think they are pretty empty I switch lines.  Wrong move.  Some people buy groceries for three different people using three forms of payment: cash, credit card and debit.  What holds the line even more, is if they are paying cash for all three. 
They don’t want to mix up the change, so they carefully put it somewhere in their wallet or clothing, then pay for the next batch.
Cashier 9 also has a problem.  The customer before me forgot to write down the code for the cashew nuts and the cashier is two days old on the job.  The light above her head flashes and we wait for the supervisor.
Why does it always happen to me?


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