Garage Sale for Butter and Salt

Rejection. Being dumped.  Fired from work. 

These are some of the experiences that makes us human.  They are not pleasant.  That is why I have empathy for items I see on the road next to a red board GARAGE SALE.
They are sitting on the curb because they are no longer useful.  Old kettles have been replaced by cordless ones.  Old radios are now redundant because mobile phones have digital clocks that are so clever, they automatically switch to daylight saving time. 

I sympathise with the household items but there is hope for them.  Students might buy them and put them in their dorm room or basement apartment they are renting, but there is no hope for butter.
Yes.  Butter.  Butter is one of the things that are rejected or scorned.  It is not like books on that garage sale pile because nobody will pick it up.  Oops!  I suppose we cannot place it in the sun because it will melt.

You get the idea.  Butter is not alone.  Sugar is also now kicked to the curb.  Some people also want to paint potatoes with the same brush.  Out goes fresh cream and milk, its sister, unless it is 0%. 
Throw out that salt, somebody screams.  The salt cellar is now a museum piece.  Where does that leave the bible?  I think somebody in that book says you are the salt of the earth.  Bad news.  Salt is supposed to be bad for you now, so revise the bible.

The list of food that has been labelled PAST DUE DATE is too long to list here, but my sympathy lies with butter.


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