Zulu - Winter in Canada

It is -27 in Winnipeg, Canada so we shall do a post about the cold.
For starters, let us refresh our memory:

·         Cold is banda in Zulu. 

·         Water is called amanzi in Zulu.

·         A human being is called umuntu in Zulu.

·         Food is called ukudla in Zulu.

·         Tea is itiye.  Please note that Europeans brought tea to Africa.  That is why itiye is a Zulu version of tea.



Kuya-banda. U-27 degrees.

It is cold.  It is -27 degrees.

Kuyabanda e-Canada ngo-February.

It is cold in Canada in February.

Kuyabanda e-Moscow.

It is cold in Moscow.

Kuyabanda e-Arctic.

It is cold in the Arctic.

Kuyabanda namhlanje.

It is cold today.

Liyabanda i-fridge.

The refrigerator is cold.

Ayabanda lamanzi.

This water is cold.

Kuyabanda ukudla.

The food is cold.

Liyabanda itiye.

The tea is cold.

Uyabanda.  Usefile.

He is cold.  He is dead (remember our blood is warm).

Uyabanda.  Akasa ngithandi.

He is cold towards me.  He doesn’t love me anymore.

 Practice:  Find the coldest places in the world, and write: they are cold.


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