Zulu 25 - Return Come Back

Joachim Löw, the German soccer team coach took the boys home on 15 July after winning the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil. 

Babuyile, they are back.
You go somewhere with the intention of coming back, ‘buya’.  One of my favourite films is Shirley Valentine, a British woman who went on holiday in Greece but never came back.  She felt that her husband and children will not miss her.
Come back.
A girl’s name.  Maybe the baby looks exactly like an ancestor or a living relative.  The family will say ‘ubuyile’ meaning that person has come back.
Bring back.
Buyisa imali yam’.
Bring back my money.
Buyisa i-TV yam’.
Bring back my TV.
Hamba.  Uzobuya.
Go.  You will come back.
Uzobuya nini?
When will you come back?
Sebe buyile?
Have they come back?
Ngizobuya manje.
I’ll come back just now.
Nisheshe nibuye.
Come back quickly.
Buyani.  Sekumnyama.
Come back.  It’s dark.
They came back.

Exercise:  Somebody has taken your car or something.  Ask them to bring it back, ‘buyisa’.


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