Zulu 24 - Crying

There’ll be tears of joy and tears of defeat in Sao Paulo, Brazil after the 2014 FIFA World Cup this weekend.

Khala in Zulu means to cry.  You say it like car, come, cup.

I find it funny when a little thing that is three years old tells the mother that his baby brother is crying.  “Uyakhal’ umntwana.”  He is little himself.  Life is not very difficult to understand.  We laugh.  We cry.  Banks, the taxman and speed cops make me cry.  Crying is ukukhala in Zulu.
Kwenze njani Langa?
What’s wrong Langa?
Uyakhala Ma.
He’s crying Ma.
Ngiyabona.  Uyakhala
I can see he is crying.
Why is he crying?
Ukhalela ibhola lami.
He is crying for my soccer ball.
Langa musa ukukhala.
Langa don’t cry.
Uyathanda ukukhala.
He likes crying.
Uyingane phela.
It’s because he is a baby.
Mina angikhali.
I don’t cry.
Nawe wawukhala.
You used to cry.
Nikhala ngani?
What is your complaint?
Bakhala ngemali.
It is about money. (When talking about striking workers)

THEMBA:  Uyakhala uLanga.

MOTHER:  Ukhale lani?

THEMBA:  Ukhalela ibhola lami.

MOTHER:  Musa ukukhala Langa.


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