Zulu 22 - Talk Bullies Don't Listen

Listening skills. Lalela means to listen.  'la' you say it like lass and lark.

There are workshops on almost everything, but I have never heard of a listening workshop.  There are people who cannot listen to anybody else.  You listen to your boss because you want to get paid.  Oprah used to listen.  Now she offers solutions before her question.

You listen to your loved one because you want to make some moves, but generally people don’t listen.  Every family has a ‘talk bully.’  Friends too!  You cannot get a word in.  If you manage to squeeze in an opinion, the ‘talk bully’ interrupts you.  
I just sit there and have a good time, listening to the shouting match.  Shouting is the only way to drown the ‘talk bully.’

What are you doing?
Ngilalele umculo.
I’m listening to music.
Lalela la.
Listen here. (oooo! She’s mad at you!)
Lalela.  Ngiyakhuluma.
Listen.  I’m talking.
Khuluma.  Ngilalele.
Speak.  I’m listening.
Thulani.  Nilalele.
Keep quiet and listen.
Lalelani bantwana.
Children listen.
U-Tamala akalaleli.
Tamala doesn’t listen.
U-Boris akalaleli.
Boris doesn’t listen.
U-Marcos akalaleli.
Marcos doesn’t listen.
They are listening.
Balalele umculo.
They are listening to music.


YOU:  Wenzani?

ME:  Ngilalele umculo.

YOU:  Lalela.  Ngiyakhuluma.

ME:  Khuluma.  Ngilalele.


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