Zulu 20 - Introductions

Visiting South Africa this summer?  Locals might ask your name.

Waiters introduce themselves when they come to your table.  Most of them have African names, so you might not catch it the first time around. You can also practice this with your tour bus operator or at the market.
Uban’igama lakho?
What is your name?
Lisho ukuthini?
What does it mean?
Ubani is’bongo sakho?
What is your surname?
Ngicela ungibhalele sona.
Please write it down for me.
Wena? Ungubani? (waiter asks you)
And you?  Who are you?
Mina ngiwu Pedro.
I am Pedro.
*Ngihlala e-Brazil.
I live in Brazil.
Mina ngiwu Fan Wu.
I am Fan Wu.
Ngihlala e-Shanghai.
I live in Shanghai.
Mina ngiwu- Khanye Webster.
I am Khanye Webster.
Ngihlala e-Atlanta
I live in Atlanta.
Mina ngiwu Pierre Verne.
I am Pierre Verne
Ngihlala e-Montreal.
I live in Montreal.
Wena?  Uhlalaphi? (you ask the waiter)
And you?  Where do you live?
Ngihlala e-Soweto.
I live in Soweto.
Thank you.
Sicela i-menu.
Could we have the menu please?


YOU:  Saw’bona.

WAITER:  Yebo saw’bona.

YOU:  Uban’igama lakho?

WAITER:  Ngiwu Themba.

YOU:  Uhlalaphi?

WAITER:  E-Langa.  Wena?  Ungubani?

YOU:  Ngiwu Hanif.

WAITER:  Uhlalaphi?

YOU:  Ngihlala e-Bangalore.

Tip:  Your own language will influence how you speak Zulu.  Remember to lower your voice at the last syllable.  Uhlalaphi?

*-e- pronounced as in egg, not eat.


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