Movies in the Pipeline

I have ideas for films that I’m going to send to Mani Ratnam, my favourite Indian director of the Ravaan and Guru fame. Don’t laugh.  These ideas are based on the fact that I used to consume a lot of Bollywood movies. 

The Item Girl’s Revenge
The hero forgets something in the studio.  He goes back and finds an item girl practising the heroine’s dance steps and doing it extremely well.  He falls for her and the rest is history.  I watch item girls a lot because in most instances, they dance better than the female star.

It is a long overdue story especially because producers who shoot in Canada and Europe are slowly moving away from using Indian dancers.  They now flood the stage with long legged beautiful women from all over the world who just shuffle about on stage. 
The disappearance of traditional Indian dance will also mean more films like Chance Pe Dance which is based on African American music and dance forms. 

There’s nothing film consumers can do because the producer is always right.  If he feels that Swedish dancers will bring in more non-Indian audiences, why not?  It is his investment after all.

My Only Bahu
I would enjoy a film called My Only Bahu, where a woman called Sasina leaves her husband who is pestering her about taking a co-wife.  She resigns from her job, takes her four year-old daughter and goes to the village to live with her mother-in-law (highly unlikely?). 
Her husband doesn’t fetch her but installs the co-wife in their home.  The mother-in-law is grateful to Sasina because she has just saved her from going to an old age home. 
Two years later, Sasina meets Verma, an environmentalist who works for an NGO, helping the community to package a new herbal tea.  They fall in love and she gets pregnant.  Her husband comes down from the city to kick her out of his mother’s house, but she does the opposite. 
She sides with Sasina and tells the son that she is his wife and that any child she bears belongs to the family.  She gives birth to a son who grows up to be the apple of his grandmother’s eye.
The Book Mark
Books will soon be a thing of the past because everything is going digital.  We can have a film called, The Book Mark.  Aditya works in a second hand book store.  He is shocked one day because Nandini, one of his customers brings back five rupees she found in a book. 
Aditya is shocked but Nandini is ready for him, “It is not mine.” It's fiction.  There is no lost and found for money.  It is simply found and spent.
That’s right.  These are my original film ideas.  I know you have a few bubbling in your head right?


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