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Zulu 33 - Names for Baby Boys

Sweetness the novel has characters with Zulu names because it was born in the continent of Africa, where tradition decides how children get their names.

My name tells a story about what went down between my parents and my grandfather.Amazing! Hollywood move out of the way.You know nothing about storytelling.
Names reflect parents’ wishes for themselves or the new baby.Kids are also named after what happened when they were born.
NAME MEANING Fika Arrive. Mfundo Education. Lunga Be good. Langa The sun. Madoda Men. Thula Be quiet.

Zulu 32 - Get Out

We say ‘phuma’ if we want you to go out.Dogs go as far as the door when they are hungry because they know somebody will say ‘Phuma.’

A notorious line in movies is: ‘Get out.’ You say ‘Phuma’ in Zulu.You say it as in pull or put. ZULU ENGLISH Ngena. Come in. Phuma. Go out. Phumela phandle. Go outside. Phuma endlini. Go out of the house. Phuma ngapha. Go out this side. Uphuma nini emsebenzini? When do you knock off at work? Ngiphuma ngo 6.<

Zulu 31 - Mine Mine Mine

Possessive noun
People say the strangest things like my man, my woman.The only thing that is constant is myself. What is theft?Stealing somebody’s property I suppose.Let’s see who owns what. ZULU ENGLISH Yami. Mine. Intombi yami. My girlfriend. Indoda yami. My man. Yakho. Yours. Yabo. Theirs. Wabo. Theirs.

Zulu 30 - Planting and Harvesting

“Where does food come from?” asks the teacher.
“From the super market Miss.” a student’s reply. Lima is to plant.
Children born in cities have no concept of agriculture, seeds, planting, harvesting, drought, floods, and everything related to ukulima, which means working the soil in order to produce food.
We don’t want to use farming, because it is broader and includes keeping animals, bees, fish etc.We want to limit ukulima, to actually planting and harvesting.
ZULU ENGLISH Uyalima. He is working the soil. Bayalima. They are working the soil. Umlimi. Farmer. Umlimi uyalima. The farmer is working the soil. Bayalima abalimi. (many people) Farmers are working the soil Ngizo lima.