Zulu 8 - Call Somebody

To call somebody is ‘biza’.  We did not like being called home when we were playing.  We therefore tried to do all the chores around the house to minimize hearing, “Umama uyakubiza.”  Mother is calling you.

Biza u-Nomusa.
Call Nomusa.
Biza u-Joshua.
Call Joshua.
Biza u-Pino.
Call Pino.
Uyabizwa ekhaya.
They are calling you at home.
Ngibiziwe ekhaya.
I’m called home.
Ngiya kubiza.
I’m calling you.
Ubaba uyakubiza.
Father is calling you.
Umama uyakubiza.
Mother is calling you.
Ukhulu uyanibiza. (you, many people)
Grandmother is calling you.
Niya bizwa. (you, many people)
You are being called.
Why are you calling me?
Babize.  Bazodla.
Call them.  They must come and eat.
Babiziwe.  (they many people)
They are called.
Sabela.  Ngiyakubiza.
Respond.  I’m calling you.

Exercises:  Call your friends or somebody at home.



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