Polygamy or Cheating?

Polygamy is either formal or informal.   Formal polygamy is enshrined in many cultures and religions.  Informal polygamy takes many shapes.  A married rich man can live in a place which ends with …..shire and have a mistress in London. 

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is polygamy.  Some women are forced into polygamy by parents waving the ‘it’s our culture’ card.  Others intentionally drive and park in its parking lot with their eyes wide open.
Some men feel cheated when they are accused of cheating.  They feel it is their right as men to have more than one wife or girlfriend.  They profess to love their wives but have the need spread it around, HIV/AIDS or not. 
Women who cry ‘he cheated on me’ want to do the impossible, make the moon shine during the day.
Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles when Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales was still alive.  Camilla was a married woman herself.  The higher echelons of French society have no qualms about having a mistress.

What is the difference between polygamy and cheating?  It’s just semantics.  What do the British call it, ‘a little bit on the side’?  The United States is a virtuous country.  It doesn’t like cheating.  That is why they had that television show called Cheaters, which violated all privacy laws.

Most African societies have formal polygamy.  The South African Constitution protects culture, and that is where polygamy nestles in.  Still, this does not stop these societies from being in the first wife’s corner.  She is the victim, the wronged one.

Women who intentionally become the second or third wife are seldom given the platform so we don’t know how they feel. 


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