Lamborghini Trivia

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a successful manufacturer of farming equipment, predominantly tractors, and he had built his business with the sweat and labor that accompanied Italy’s post-World War 11 rebuilding. 
He started his business modifying surplus war vehicles into farm tractors and in 1952 finally began building his line of sturdy, reliable tractors.
At the same time Enzo Ferrari was beginning to manufacture road cars to complement his racing cars.  A decade later successful Ferruccio bought one of successful Enzo’s sports cars and found it less than satisfactory.
Most would have lived with it but Lamborghini went to Maranello and told Ferrari what was wrong with the car.  Il Commendatore did not receive this criticism very well, and this being before the concept of good customer relations, told Mt. Lamborghini in so many words that if he thought he could build a better car he should do so.

Such chastising from Ferrari would have turned most men into a pillar of salt, but instead, in 1963, the 47 year-old tractor builder began manufacturing sports cars.
The first Lamborghini was unveiled at the annual auto show in Turin, Italy and was not particularly well received.
This early 1967 (Lamborghini Muira) model was originally owned by singer and actor Dean Martin. 
It was purchased from him, with a blown engine, by a young stand-up comic who claimed to have some experience working on cars.  His name was Jay Leno.  The Tonight Show host still owns and drives the car today, 50 Cars To Drive, P.151.
Source:  50 Cars to Drive
Author: Dennis Adler
Publication:  The Lyon Press 2008


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