Secret Service

I don’t claim to be the Scarlet Pimpernel or James Bond but I think I’m being followed.  No, not my car, but on my cell-phone! I got a missed call the other day and the number was (000) 000-0000. 

It is normal to get a ‘private’ missed call.  Maybe it’s somebody I owe money.  They don’t want to use their mobile because I will recognise the number and not take the call. 

This is all hypothetical you understand, because I don’t owe people money.  It is banks.  They send me hostile text messages about overdrawn accounts.  It’s not that I don’t pay my bills on time.  It’s only that the R65.30 I thought I had was swallowed by bank fees. 

I don’t know much about these things, but I get the funny feeling that (000) 000-0000 is bad news.  Why?  Because the -0- default is used by very powerful people!  The default on my phone, iron, the security system, the printer etc., they all have many zeros.

I have not broken any South African law or United Nations law for that matter.  I’m not sure about cyberspace law because it doesn’t exist.  It is free for all.  I studied International Law at Durham University in the north of England. 

My professor was Peter Kneen or was it O’Kneen?  There were two laws then, U.S. Law and Russian Law.  The Soviet Union is now extinct and the prevailing law is oil and the United States of America.

I haven’t said anything negative about oil, where it is found and how the U.S. gets hold of it.  That is why I don’t understand why I’m being followed and how I can get a missed call from (000) 000-0000.

Maybe there is absolutely nothing to be alarmed about.  I will only get my sleep back when someone out there reassures me that it was a technical error and that missed calls from -0- are quite normal.

If nobody does that, I will run to an unknown destination, donate my mobile phone to the national library, change my face and name.  


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