honey and turmeric don't mix. wrong!

Recycle!  Recycle!  Recycle!  That’s the message from all corners of the world.  I even read an advertisement about a wide-screen television screen that is kind to the environment.  How do we know it is the truth?  It is so technical we just have to take the manufacturer’s word for it. 

Ma had a lot of financial challenges that is why she was an expert in recycling.  Corn meal came in a cotton bag with big red letters of the company that manufactured it.  Ma emptied the corn meal into a tin and took a pair of scissors. 
rice gone now it's a shopping or beach bag
She opened the seams making it a square cloth.  She put it in bleach to remove the offending red letters.  She rinsed the bleach and voila, we had white dish towels.  Come to think of it, they were designer dish towels.

She washed marmalade bottles and used them for salt, sugar etc.  I consume so much honey, bees of the world might attack me one of these days.  I recently used the honey bottles for turmeric and cinnamon I bought for a new recipe I was trying out.

Ma had a little garden.  We had strict instructions to put potato peels, onions, cabbage, carrot leaves, orange, and banana peels in a glass bowl.  We took turns emptying in the backyard.  We couldn’t understand the fuss, but Ma said it was compost. 

I didn’t believe her then because Ma was an employer.  She created work for us, especially when we were on the street playing.  We viewed everything she did with suspicion.  We did not see the compost heap as recycling.  It was work to us.

Well! I must follow family tradition and recycle, using these color-coded bins the municipality places at strategic corners of the city.


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