From Facebook 2 Blankbook

Looks like most people roaming in cyberspace via Facebook prefer not the show their faces.  Maybe it is time Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg called a meeting of all founders to change Facebook to Blankbook.

Facebook disciples have their reasons for posting their baby photos, photos of pets, kids, online animation, hats, deliberately out of focus photos, anything to hide their true identity. 

Some don’t want their employers to know they play on Facebook.  Others want to remain anonymous because they are angry at the world.  That is why they post comments full obscenities.

If Zuckerberg and company do change the name to Blankbook, they must revisit the term ‘social networking’, tweak it a bit.  I think social refers to human beings who eat, drink and snore.  Animals don’t snore do they?  I have no intention of being in the same space as a sleeping Siberian tiger so I wouldn’t know.

Absence of photos changes the whole concept of friends doesn’t it?  How do you ‘friend’ animation or a tree?  The upload photo feature will also have to go if Facebook is changed to Blankbook.

Some folks might be shy to have their real two months old photos online, but companies have no qualms about it.  They never had it so good.  Their brands are everywhere, invading my viewing pleasure.  I cannot do an ad free search on the snoring patterns of the Bengal tiger without those ads snarling at me.

People who entertain us via film, television and sports will definitely reject the idea of turning Facebook into Blankbook.  They need their photos and videos out there, to tell fans and producers that there are still alive and beautiful. 

Back to Facebook.  If it becomes Blankbook, what would replace the term social networking?  How about G&S networking?  Yes, goods and services networking, or stuff networking. What do you do for a living?  I sell stuff.  I’m into stuff networking.  Forget British Rail or CN.

While Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg are texting each other on the matter, I must find a professional studio and have my latest photo taken.  Maybe downloading some animation might be quicker.

Twitter is not immune to people not posting real photos, but we won’t change the name.  It is already founded on the animation of a little bird. It never claimed to have anybody’s face like Facebook.


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