A Blogger’s Q’s & A’s


1.      I want to throw in the towel.  Nobody dropped by the blog today.

2.      I posted some fresh out of the oven content, but got only 8 page views.

3.      It’s a hit or miss situation.  Should I cut down on vegetarian recipes and pump up some meat and fish dishes?

4.      Is it worth it, do my visitors actually try cooking this food?

5.      Are my visitors interested in African American classic movies, Bollywood or something from Nigeria?

6.      No I can’t blog every day.  I’m not Amitabh Bachchan, the Coolie, Sholay and W.A.Q.T star.

7.      How often should I blog then? Once or twice a week?

8.      Who cares really?

9.      Bingo!  I care.  It brings a smile to my face when a little blog is ready to face the world.

10.   That’s right, ‘bring it on’ as kids will say.

Google machinery, more than a million blogs, FB and Twitter tell me how to increase traffic to my blogs.  It won’t work even if I follow that advice religiously.  What is important is self-indulgence.  I love writing the two blogs. 

I enjoy going to the store and organic markets to look for ingredients, cooking, burning food, re-cooking, serving it, leaving aside some for the photo shoot.  Yes, those are twin tasks, preparing food and dressing it up for the shoot.  I want my visitors to be hungry when see the lovely spread in the photo.

It is great if people grab some coffee, open their computers or Android mobile phones and check out my cinema blog.  It’s still cool if nobody shows up.  What is important is the satisfaction it gives me to do the research, because I learn a lot when I double-check what I have written. 

I like discarding blogs that are as stubborn as a mule, paragraphs that block the Autobhan.  It’s exhilarating when the blog finally flows like a mountain stream.  I’ll stop writing not because there were no blog visitors today.  I’ll stop when I don’t enjoy it anymore. 
Visitors are just a plus.



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