Digital grocery list

I’m human after all!  What a relief!  This was confirmed by this guy at the grocery store the other day, meticulously going through the piece of paper with his shopping list.  Yes.  Men also shop because they get hungry, their clothes get dirty, and their homes need to be flossed now and then.

I’m human because I’m not the only one who is not using the cell phone to write the grocery list.  My cell phone has an option called notes, where I can jot down items such as herbal tea, oats, cereal, cornmeal, pumpkin, sardines, bath soap etc.  I can also use the option called tasks and grocery shopping is a task right? 

Digital devices are supposed to make things easier but I think a shopping list on my cell-phone will be a hindrance because I have two hands and I need them for driving the trolley.  A paper list is no problem because it is in my hand.  I can drive and glance at it at the same time.  If I use the option called tasks in my cell phone, I will have to stop driving, park on the left beside the canned peaches and scroll down the list. 

Using the phone stylus is also courting danger because it might slide down my hand into the trolley and hide among the pasta and the chicken thighs.  Worse still, it can fall and hide under the frozen seafood freezer, which is not densely populated because of the arctic conditions in such aisles.

I sometimes place the grocery list on the items in the trolley as I take things from the shelves and compare prices.  I’m partial to No Name products.  I’m not cheap.  I just love mathematics.  Where would I put the phone while I’m doing that?  Back into my bag or jacket pocket?  There are two kinds of grocery lists: the no-food-in-the-house grocery list and the replenishing list.  Milk always runs out, so does fruit juice and bread, the good old back-up.

The first list is long obviously and I like ticking off what I have dropped in my trolley.  Now how would I tick off items in the cell phone grocery list?  I suppose I could scroll down the phone, find the item, press delete and wait patiently while the computer asks me if I really want to delete the selected items. 

Life is too short.  I’ll stick to the paper grocery list.


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